The Mutual Benefits of Collaboration

Photo Credit: Andre P. Seale Collaboration is a key part of academia. Here two of the Changing Oceans Research Group's PhD students, Nadia Jogee and Kelsey A. Barnhill, reflect on their experience of working together on a new paper. The paper, entitled 'Acclimatization Drives Differences in Reef-Building Coral Calcification Rates' explores the ability of two … Continue reading The Mutual Benefits of Collaboration

Sharks Aren’t Just For Shark Week

By Stephanie Liefmann Photo credit: As a benthic biologist sometimes I do feel pelagic. As I finish my PhD on deep sea corals I cannot avoid but thinking on the long path that food items have to travel before they reach the sea-floor, and all the amazing creatures they meet. Lately, my thoughts have … Continue reading Sharks Aren’t Just For Shark Week


Fairness and capacity in ocean science as we approach the UN's decade of ocean science for sustainable development J Murray Roberts, University of Edinburgh 2020 was billed as the ocean's super-year. It was the year of the United Nations Oceans Conference . It was a critical year in the negotiation of a new treaty to manage … Continue reading WE HAVE TO CHANGE, AND FAST.

Putting Diversity at the Heart of Marine Ecology

by Nadia Jogee. I’m probably not the first person to point out that these are strange times we are living through. Last year we saw children take to the street to demand action on climate change. And now against the backdrop of a global pandemic we are seeing people take to the streets to demand … Continue reading Putting Diversity at the Heart of Marine Ecology