Dr Stephanie Liefmann

  • Currently: Project Manager, Organisation de pêcheurs normands
  • Formerly: PhD Researcher in the Changing Oceans Research Group 2017-2022


About me

I am a marine biologist from Colombia, I did my bachelors degree in Nord University in Northern Norway, and my Masters in Natural resources management at the Norwegian University of natural sciences and technology (NTNU). I am interested in the ecology and biology of Deep-Sea  mega-benthos, more specifically cold-water corals. I am also interested in management and policy-making science interface

Current research

I currently focus on understanding feeding ecology and competition interactions in deep-sea benthic species that encompass VME (Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems), such as cold-water corals and sponge fields under different flow conditions. Little information is known on how co-existent species interact and compete with each other under different water flow scenarios. In my Ph.D. I  aim to understand if co-existing species have overlapping niches and if those niches can change under different flows. As model organisms  I am working with the reef-building coral Lophelia pertusa, sponges: Geodia barretti, Strypnnus sp, Phakellia ventilabrum, and the bivalve Acesta excavata which are found in close proximity in Norwegian ecosystems. I am also investigating interactions in two co-occurring octocorals from the Condor Seamount. For my research, I use 2 different approaches: calculation of clearance rates and incorporation of stable isotopes 13C and 15N into bulk tissue.