Mila Vukomanovic

Mila Vukomanovic

Position: H2020 iAtlantic Project Manager

School of GeoSciences | University of Edinburgh

Grant Institute | James Hutton Road, King’s Buildings, Edinburgh, EH9 3FE, UK

Mila Vukomanovic is the iAtlantic Project Manager with over 11 years of higher education administrative experience, including over 9 years at the University of Edinburgh. Having worked in multiple disciplines across the Sciences and Humanities, she has specialised in European Commission and Marie Curie Initial Training Network grant management and is Prince2 Practitioner. She has expertise in running international academic events including General Assemblies, Summer Schools, Coding Camps, research meetings, and exhibitions, in Spain, France, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Argentina.

Mila Vukomanovic has a Master of Arts degree (MA) from the University of Manitoba in English, and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree (Hons.BA) from the University of Toronto with a Double Major in English Literature and History. She is a University of Toronto Alumni Mentor, who is passionate about international collaborations and outreach.