Prof. Fabio Badalamenti

Prof. Fabio Badalamenti is the Research Director at the Italian National Council of Research,  Institute of Anthropic Impacts and Sustainability in marine environment (IAS). Dr Badalamenti got a PhD in Marine science, University of Messina, Italy (1990), and has a widespread national and international experience particularly in relation to coastal zone management and marine ecology.

He has a particularly strong reputation in trophic ecology and the application of fundamental ecological thinking and assessment to the management of marine ecosystems. He was one of the first marine ecologists to point out how marine trophic food webs are more complex and longer than thought before, and has written several papers on this subject. He described a mechanism of facilitation that allows predators belonging to distinct taxa to prey an otherwise unattainable prey. Recently he discovered a novel predation strategy among marine invertebrates, kleptopredation, that occurs when a predator eats a prey after the prey has hunted and protocooperation in the stony coral Astroides calycularis that is the collective behaviour of small polyps that allows to prey on large jellyfish. He also discovered and described the unusual mechanism of adhesion to rocky substrata for the Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica which occurs via adhesive root hair.