Christine Gaebel

Christine Gaebel infront of the United Nations Headquarters in 2019 for the BBNJ Negotiations.

I am an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in law and marine science. My research investigates science-policy interfaces and the use of science in international marine biodiversity governance processes, including the ongoing negotiations to finalise a new international agreement for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ). In particular, I am interested in the evidence-policy-practice nexus and the operationalisation of evidence-based governance under a future BBNJ agreement.

I am the founder of the Changing Oceans’ Science-Policy Working Group, that aims to bring together researchers from across disciplines to produce recommendations and solutions to the complex environmental issues faced in a changing ocean. Moreover, I am an early career fellow with the H2020 iAtlantic Project, a member of the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) BBNJ Working Group, and the Science-Policy Officer for the Centre for Adapting to Changing Environments (ACE) at the University of Edinburgh.