Ben Fisher


I am a Polar Ocean biogeochemistry PhD student working in the Changing Oceans Lab. I began my PhD under the E4 DTP at Edinburgh in 2020, my thesis is titled “Biogeochemical implications of species shifts among Southern Ocean primary producers” and supervised by Dr Sian Henley. In my PhD research I am aiming to understand how changes in upper Southern Ocean phytoplankton community structure, driven by climate change, is likely to impact the biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen and nutrients. This research topic is addressed by a series of culture experiments conducted in the Changing Oceans laboratory, field sampling, and modelling. I apply a mixture of isotope geochemistry, -omics approaches and microscopy work in Edinburgh, working with project partners at the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the British Geological Survey.

Prior to my PhD I completed a MSc by research at the University of Leeds on the Changing Arctic Ocean seafloor project (ChAOS), where my research focused on carbon preservation in marine sediments. I additionally completed a BSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Exeter. Outside of my PhD I am involved in teaching the Polar Oceans: Science and Policy module on the Marine Systems and Policies MSc. I also serve on the EDIA working group of the Challenger Society and as the Early Career Scientist representative for the Biogeosciences division of the European Geosicences Union.

Contact Details:

  • Twitter @BenFisher_